Dave Hoover Asks, "Do You Know Resque?"

Nov 30, 2010

Dave Hoover has just written an article posted on RubyLearning.com that's worth a read.

Dave’s blog post takes a look at running background jobs through Resque (pronounced "rescue"). Resque, developed at Github and built on top of Redis, lets you create a job, put it in a queue, and then later down the road, go back to those jobs and process them. It basically lets developers write a fast-running Ruby program that figures out what work needs to be done, tells someone else to do it, and then exits.

Dave walks you through the process of writing the code telling Resque to queue a job, getting Resque in place, then getting a worker to listen in on all of the Resque queues. A Sinatra app lets you watch the activity between the queues and the workers.

It's worthwhile to spend a few minutes reviewing Dave’s RubyLearning post and get familiar with the Resque background job system.

Ryan Briones at RubyConf - Wrap Up

Nov 15, 2010

Kat Nelson-Reid is Ready for Chicago Startup Weekend

Nov 12, 2010

Kat Nelson-Reid, always busy and always engaged in the community, has her work cut out for her the weekend of Nov. 12 - 14. That's the date of the highly anticipated Chicago Startup Weekend, a super intense competition that attracts hundreds of brainy folks to the Illinois Technology Association for a 54-hour business building bonanza. And Kat's going to be one of four  judges at the event.

Startup Weekends are held worldwide and attract a dynamic group of individuals from developers and entrepreneurs to business managers, marketers, designers and others for a weekend-long, somewhat sleepless marathon that builds communities, companies and projects.


Startup Weekends generally begin Friday at 7 p.m. as attendees gather and begin discussion about what kind of concepts would be good to develop. At 7 p.m., attendees pitch their product ideas to the group. Then, teams break out; typically, about nine teams form during the weekend, creating nine different products or companies. By 9 p.m. teams have begun to solidify their concept and create an elevator pitch, and at 10 p.m., each group breaks off to conduct in-depth discussions and begin to prototype their application.


Saturday morning, work begins in earnest on strategizing, coding and development, and continues through 8 p.m. Sunday, when each company presents its concept to the panel of judges and a winner is selected.


In addition to Kat, judges are Fred Hoch, president of the Illinois Technology Association; Ed Domain, founder of Flyover Geeks; and Ira Weiss, faculty director at University of Chicago Booth School of Business and co-manager of Hyde Park Angels.

You can check out Chicago Startup Weekend on Twitter @SWChicago and hashtag #swchi.


Ryan Briones at RubyConf - Day Two (Part I)

Nov 12, 2010

Ryan Briones at RubyConf - Day One (Part II)

Nov 11, 2010

Ryan Briones at RubyConf - Day One (Part I)

Nov 10, 2010

Secrets of Real World Software Development Video

Nov 02, 2010

Obtiva just launched the first of three videos from midVentures Innovation Labs. Todd Webb & Joe Banks speak on the Secrets of Real World Software Development

Check it out...

Obtiva Sponsors the Awesome CodeMash 2011

Oct 27, 2010

Obtiva has just signed on as a sponsor of CodeMash 2011, a three-day extravaganza of a conference for developers that presents the latest trends, technologies and methodologies in a variety of platforms and development languages.

Perhaps the coolest aspect of the event, besides the fact that Obtiva is a Gold sponsor and this event attracts top-tier speakers and attendees, is that it's held at one of those gargantuan indoor water parks in Sandusky, Ohio. Now that’s a mash-up: Java and swim trunks - in January!

Actually, sessions are held at the resort's world-class conference facilities, not poolside. There's an impressive lineup of keynote speeches from top techie minds, along with nearly 50 sessions in six different tracks: architecture, desktop development, web development, methodologies, mobility and languages. There's also an amazing lineup of sponsors including names like Microsoft, Compuware, DevExpress, JetBrains, Quick Solutions, and on and on.

And, get this, CodeMashers will have exclusive access to the water park Thursday night from 10 pm to 1 am. One word: CANNONBALL!!

Registration opens Oct. 22 and the event is Jan. 12 - 14, 2011. Check out CodeMash 2011 on the web at http://codemash.org, catch the news feed at http://codemash.org/rss. and follow CodeMash on Twitter at http://twitter.com/codemash

Ready for Rappin's Book!

Oct 25, 2010


Obtiva Senior Consultant Noel Rappin has authored a book, "Rails Test Prescriptions: Keeping Your Applications Healthy," that is just about ready to hit the presses. It's been available as a beta e-book for several months, but now... drum roll, please... the hard copy is about to be published.

"Rails Test Prescriptions" is a comprehensive guide to testing Rails apps. The book delves into TDD, core Rails testing tools and procedures, and introduces popular third-party testing tools like Cucumber, Shoulda, Machinist, Mocha and Rcov. Noel has poured vast quantities of effort and knowledge into this book, and it will no doubt become an invaluable guide for Rails programmers.

Click here to read more about Noel's work of literary genius and purchase a copy from the publishers, The Pragmatic Bookshelf.
A blog relating to this book can be found at http://www.railsrx.com. Noel is also the author of "Professional Ruby on Rails," available on Amazon.com.

Not to toot our own horn too much, but among our Obtivians are numerous published authors, an accomplishment that's indicative of the brainpower we've got going on here. 

Kevin Taylor Judge/Keynoter at Lean Startup Machine Chicago

Oct 23, 2010

Have you heard about the Lean Startup movement yet? Listen up... this is a profound concept that's having a major impact on how companies are being built, funded and scaled, and Obtiva is getting involved.
Lean Startup principles, conceptualized in 2008 by Eric Ries, are based on less waste, speed to market and a disciplined approach to testing new products and ideas. The movement has gained momentum and interest, and a series of Lean Startup Machine events puts the principles in action in New York, San Francisco and now Chicago.  
Lean Startup Machine Chicago is a weekend-long competition Nov. 5-7. Obtiva Founder and President Kevin Taylor has been named one of four keynote presenters and judges that will select a winning startup business concept following an intense weekend of business development. This is a highly sought-after speaking gig and Kevin is enthusiastically looking forward to being a part of the event.
It kicks off with six-minute pitches and presentations. Participants then select ideas and form teams to work on their project for the next 52 hours. On Sunday, teams pitch their business and Minimum Viable Product to a panel of judges for cash awards and mentoring. The event is limited to 60 participants.
The other keynoters and judges are Brant Cooper, a leading advocate of the Lean Startup movement; Patrick Vlaskovits, co-author of The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development; and virtual speaker Eric Ries, creator of the Lean Startup methodology and author of the blog Startup Lessons Learned.
Registration is $50 and is open to the first 60 registrants. The event is not-for-profit and registration fees are used to cover expenses and the winning cash prize.
Want to get involved in the Lean Startup Movement? Lean Startup Weekend Chicago website is here; There’s a Chicago Lean Startup Circle, and the Lean Startup Wiki is here.

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