Noel on a Roll: Next Stop RailsConf

Mar 21, 2011
Noel Rappin is in high gear:  his book "Rails Test Prescriptions" was just published; he's been presenting and teaching around the country; and he's working on some major projects for Obtiva clients. 

Now, he's been invited to speak at RailsConf 2011 -- a big-time gig at a big-time conference. 

RailsConf is May 16-19 in Baltimore, and Noel is speaking about testing, of course, the stuff he lives and breathes every day. His session will show attendees how to attack the most monstrous of code base with TDD. 

Titled "Test Your Legacy Code,"  Noel's presentation helps Agile developers switch to TDD or BDD on an existing project that doesn't have tests. He'll describe techniques that let you bootstrap a test-driven process into a project. He'll show how to use Cucumber to perform black-box testing and RSpec for white box testing, use mocks to isolate legacy code, safer refactoring, and measuring test coverage. 

Everyone reading this is going to RailsConf, right? Noel's talk is Wednesday, May 18 at 1:50, so add it to your schedule right now! 
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